Spring Farro Salad

The markets are filled to the brim with pretty red radishes, bright purple asparagus, and fresh whispy greens. I’m loving this time of year. The air smells of flowers. The days are much longer, and I’m eating so much lighter.
Pea shoots are probably one my favorite Spring greens. They are super delicate, tasty, and just so darn pretty. You can eat them as salad greens, saute them with garlic, or add them to soups. They are super versatile.
This is a fairly simple salad. It’s flavored with veggie broth, and then a simple lemon and olive oil dressing. This salad isn’t fussy, and will keep for a few days packed nicely in glass jars for lunches or dinners on the go. You can substitute quinoa, cous-cous, or any number of grains for the farro.

Spring Farro Salad

1 1/4 cups farro
1 bunch pea shoots, trimmed into bit size pieces
1 leek sliced, and washed
1 bunch blanched asparagus
Juice of 1/2 lemon
1 tsp dijon mustard
2 large cloves garlic minced
1 cup veggie broth
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup of fresh goat cheese, or parmesan to taste
Salt, crushed red pepper, and fresh chopped chives to taste

Cook farro in one cup veggie broth, and 1/2 cup water until done, about 30 minutes
Saute minced garlic and leeks in olive oil until really soft and bright green. 10-15 mins on medium heat.
Add leeks and garlic to farro.
Add blanched asparagus, and chopped pea shoots to farro. This should be warm enough to wilt shoots, if not, add some water to saute pan and cook until wilted.
Dress salad with lemon juice and mustard, there should be enough oil from the leeks and garlic to give this dressing body.
Crumble goat cheese on top if serving immediately. Otherwise , reserve for later.
Salt, pepper, and add fresh herbs as desired.
Salad keeps for a few days, just add cheese when desired.

xoxo, Sarah


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