The French Breakfast! Radish with French Butter, Sea Salt, and little toasts.

This couldn’t be more easy. Good quality butter has to be one of my favorite ingredients. It really is a game changer when cooking simple ingredients.

This dish couldn’t be more French. It’s a perfect cocktail snack, or delicious as breakfast (I’ve been eating it every single day as breakfast with coffee) .

It feels indulgent, and puts me right back in France. When I was staying in Avignon, I rented a small bungalow. I had a little kitchenette, and brought home fresh produce from the market. It was so delicious, and I didn’t even have to worry if it was organic, because of course- it was naturally. What a breath of fresh air!!!

Whole foods sells French butter in small ramekins. It’s a super fancy, incredible fun buy. They also sell high quality sea salt flakes in bulk so you can try all types of salt- or start your own collection like me!

I’m not going to provide a full recipe, because this is just so simple. Slice and clean your radish. Butter your toasted baguette and sprinkle with high quality sea salt. Eat with coffee for breakfast, champagne on the weekends, or Rose from Provence in the evening. Your heart with flutter, and yes high quality, grass fed, French butter is really good for you! It really, really, really is!

xoxo my lovelies!



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