Hello, Pimientos de Padron. I’ve missed you!

Oh how I’ve missed our summer favorite, the Pimiento de Padron. P and I are addicted to these little suckers. I was at the market today, and saw a delivery from California and I couldn’t resist. I usually buy pound after pound of these amazing treats from Viridian Farms all summer long, but these were staring at me in the face!!

Super simple and fresh.These sweet peppers are a staple on any tapas menu in Spain. They are celebrated each August in the town of Herbon, where the peppers are rumored to have originated with a festival specifically for the Padron.

It’s said that one in fifteen peppers are the spicy firecracker. It’s a fun game with friends! I can just close my eyes and imagine large Spanish families frying up batch after batch, while sipping effervescent white and pink wines on hot nights, celebrating summer fun, and hoping for the good luck firecracker to hit their mouth.

These peppers are grassy, sweet, and fresh tasting. You eat them with your hands right off the stem. I served them with my herbed focaccia bread and a simple salad of wasabi arugula, and fried goat cheese. Yum! I love the fresh flavors of summer.

Pimientos de Padron

  • Good quality olive oil (I usually fry foods in avocado, or grape seed oil, but olive is the perfect pairing for these peppers), enough to coat a large fry pan, and enough based on the amount of peppers being served.
  • Medium sea salt
  • Pimientos de Padron
  • Heat olive oil in fry pa
  • Toss washed padron peppers in oil, and flash fry for three minutes, or until peppers gets white blisters.
  • Place hot peppers on paper towel, toss with sea salt.
  • Serve hot, and hope you get the hot one! It’s good luck.

One Comment to “Hello, Pimientos de Padron. I’ve missed you!”

  1. These look like such a fun tapas treat! I am going to have to try to find these!

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