Spicy white bean dip!

This is the sort of dip that can be played with based on taste preference. I feel like I say this a lot, in most of my posts because I want you to know that I’m a pretty flexible person. I am constantly thumbing through cookbooks, magazines, and food blogs to get inspirations for healthy meals. I don’t always have a plan when creating something new, and I don’t always have all ingredients on hand when I find a recipe that catches my eye.

I keep of variety of staples in the pantry, fridge, and freezer that I don’t like to be without. Whole grains such as emmer farro, wheat bulgur, and millet. I also buy fresh beans when I can, and freeze them to use through-out the year. Canned is fine, but a friend of mine told me she found a cockroach in a can of soup she purchased, and I’ve been disturbed by her experience for quite sometime now. I am  pick through my beans if they are canned to make sure they are clear of critters. I also don’t like the sodium canned items contain. I want to add salt at the end  of cooking to make flavors pop. I always rinse beans from a can in a strainer before using them. Lemons, garlic, and shallots are also other fresh items I don’t like to be without. If you keep these items on hand, most of my recipes will be easy for you to adapt.

This white bean dip is inspired by Tria’s Tuscan white bean dip. It can be baked or served cold. It’s great with a salad, or perfect for a party. You can make as little, or as much as you like. It’s just that easy.

I used gigante beans, but you can use any large or small white bean you like. I’d steer clear of lima, but use what you have on hand.

I’m not going to call this a recipe, so I won’t be formal with my ingredient list or steps in making this dip. Take beans, I used 1 cup, and place in food processor. Add two to three cloves garlic. A scant quarter cup of olive oil. Juice from one lemon, fresh herbs such as sage, thyme, or chives. Cayenne, salt and pepper to taste. Pulse, and add warm water to thin a bit.

I usually serve this warm topped with parmesan cheese. I also like to bake smoked paprika crostini’s to serve with it.

I think this would be a nice alternative to hummus, and delicious with fresh veggies, or on a sandwich later in the week.




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