The fancy in the simple!

Life is just a bit crazy right now. It seems like P and I are so busy that we’re eating very simple meals, especially in the evenings. After twelve hours at work, and an hour commute home on the bus- I was starving!
On the bus ride home I had the chance to catch up with a good friend. She lives in LA and is experiencing California unemployment at it’s absolute worst. Luckily she’s landed a great job; but is still 4 weeks behind in unemployment checks. I completely sympathize and feel for her right now. It sucks being broke, and choosing between groceries, or a tank of gas when you just started a new job, and need a way to get there. She told me eggs and oatmeal were all she had. Simple and healthy, but not exactly appealing. She’s a tough lady, and has money on the way. I offered to send some cash, and she politely declined.
This simple meal is absolutely inspired by our conversation this evening. It’s basically the staples that fill my fridge on a weekly basis that are both nutritious and delicious.
Nan with Olive Oil fried eggs, wilted garlic spinach, and harissa sauce for good measure

1/2 piece of nan bread ( Whole Foods Brand )
1 TBS Good quality Olive Oil
1 Clove chopped garlic with sea salt
2 Cups spinach
1 Egg
1 tsp Harissa paste
Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat olive oil in fry pan with salted garlic. Add two TBS water to oiled pan and toss in spinach.On the other side of the pan add egg to fry. Pre-heat nan in 350 oven for 10 mins while egg is frying and spinach is wilting. Top nan with spinach, egg, and harissa. Salt and pepper to taste, enjoy the simple things!
I really enjoyed this simple meal so much that I forgot to take a picture before stuffing my face!

Lots of love!


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